United Chartering Ltd., is a fastinvolved and‎ well-supported broker in the time charter field focused on West Coast Americas. 

We are booking a significant volume of Time Charter trips in the area, running long term contracts, mainly within the multipurpose and drybulk sector in sizes up to ultramax.

United Chartering Ltd. enjoys a direct and smooth relationship with many cargo charterers including international trading companies and freight forwarders.

Our main trade and focus is West Coast Americas for dry bulk, break bulk and globally on project / heavy lift cargoes. We also have extensive experience in the Canada / U.S. great lakes trade.

We are active in spot business and also executing long term cargo contracts for commodities such as minerals, fertilizers, grain, and steel.

Importance is put on the full and complete process of the marine voyage: from vessel assessments through to final freight contract negotiation/execution and cargo documentation follow up

We specialize in sourcing multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels in the project cargo sector (eg. energy, mining, construction). Our Freight Forwarder clients benefit from the clear focus to deliver ‘the best ships for the job’, adding value and efficiency to their procurement contracts.

United Chartering Ltd. has the experience, track record, and connections to line up as many vessel options as possible to suit a project’s framework.

As part of our project cargo activities, United Chartering Ltd. procures and executes the chartering of heavy-lift vessels for Yacht Transport.

We are working closely with our friends at United Faith Group on employing their existing sister 9000 dwt multipurpose fleet and upcoming 16000 dwt combination lolo / roro / floflo vessels.

We invite your inquiries relating to voyage, long term cargo contracts and/or vessel time charters.

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